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what is cbd oilCBD Oil :  What is it and What are its Uses?

CBD or ‘Cannabidiol’, is an active ingredient found in the cannabis plant. The ingredient is actually derived from the hemp plant, which can be referred to as the cannabis plant’s cousin.1 Hemp oil is used for treating anxiety, movement disorders and helps with relieving pain as well. It can be taken by the patient through multiple ways e.g. inhalation or as an aerosol spray.2

Many people mistake CBD for causing a high due to being a common ingredient in the cannabis plant, but this is merely a misunderstanding. An ingredient that does cause a high though, is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which too is derived from the cannabis plant. Despite their same origins, the two ingredients vary in properties.3

Based on the amount of CBD extract added to the carrier oil, Hemp oil comes in various strengths.4 It can be used to help with many problems, some of them are listed below;

1.Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Pain Relief

Hemp oil is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve pain as well. It hasn’t been tested on many patients but some studies prove that it can have those effects. According to a report published in ‘Journal of Experimental Medicine’, CBD gel was applied on mice for a period of 4 days, which helped reduce pain and inflammation in rodents.5 The oil can be used to treat arthritis, sclerosis, acne and chronic pain as well.4

It is a powerful alternative to NSAID pain relievers. These pain relievers can damage the liver and cause other toxic effects when they are taken in high doses. CBD works on the endocannabinoid system of the body and produces little to no side effects on the body. The use of this oil can reduce the usage of other medications and even replace them.

Joint and bone pain is a common issue among elderly people. Elderly people also complain of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Hemp oil can help to alleviate other symptoms by treating inflammation, providing pain reliever, stop the effect of the disease. It is a potent analgesic that can change the way elderly people perceive pain and attack the cause of pain.

 2. Substance Abuse Treatment

Studies show that CBD has the ability to help patients, going through rehabilitation, regarding drug addiction. The oil can be used by patients to counter smoking, heroin and morphine dependence.3 A pilot study posted in ‘Addictive Behaviors’ explains that smokers who used inhalers with some CBD in it were relatively less dependant on their addiction. Hemp oil can also help reduce withdrawal symptoms.5

3. Help with Cancer Treatment

Some researchers claim that CBD can also help with both cancer and its symptoms, as well as its treatment’s side effects. It might have the property to hinder the growth of cancer cells and destroy them as well.5 It can prevent the initial cancer-related symptoms and help with the side effects of chemotherapy, like nausea and vomiting. The studies in this area are not quite thorough, so we can’t trust them enough but they are being worked on for the future.3

4.Treatment of Epilepsy

CBD has the property to help control severe seizures, thus it was legalized by FDA back in June 2018 to use CBD for the purpose of treating two kinds of epilepsy.5 Multiple types of researches have concluded that Hemp oil can surely be used to treat neurological disorders.3

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, Hemp oil can also treat diabetes, anxiety, depression, benefit heart health and treat Alzheimer’s disease.4


Despite it being used for thousands of years, Hemp oil’s abilities have just recently come under the eye of many scientists. Its exceptional properties to treat a multitude of diseases have great room for more discoveries in the near future.


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