Is CBD Oil Safe? CBD oil or Hemp oil, derived from the cannabis plant, is a natural remedy for tons of problems out there in the world. It is usually considered very helpful but there might be small problems here and there that may be considered unsafe by certain people. So, the main question here is,

is CBD safe?

Let’s go through it below. Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Oil CBD, despite being very useful and beneficial to health, can have a few disadvantages, although there isn’t enough research regarding it. Some of its pros and cons are stated below:


  • Pain relief: CBD oil, when applied on the skin, is an amazing natural pain reliever. Many studies, as well as used by patients, show that CBD can be useful while treating mild, or even chronic pain.
  • Anxiety: Even though THC, a chemical found in the cannabis plant and usually mistaken for CBD, triggers paranoia, CBD (in the form of vape, sweets or any edible form) is said to help with it. It can help with panic attacks, OCD, PTSD, and many more anxiety and stress-related problems.
  • Diabetes: CBD, when consumed (in the form of either coffee or cocktails, etc.), is known to reduce inflammation. Considering that type 1 diabetes is triggered by inflammation when cells from the immune system target the pancreas, CBD can help cure it as well.
  • Cancer: Being a great pain reliever, CBD can help with the side effects of chemotherapy and cancer-related symptoms. [1]


  • Tiredness and moodiness: Some patients have reported lethargy and mood swings upon consuming CBD.
  • Diarrhea: Several patients reported to have diarrhea after use of CBD.
  • Approval: FDA has not yet approved CBD for all these uses. It has just allowed for it to be used for two severe cases of epilepsy.
  • Dosage: Irregular dosage of CBD can result in weight and appetite fluctuations, so it is better to always visit a doctor regarding it. [1]

Is CBD safe for all ages?

Safety of CBD regarding the age greatly depends on the amount of dosage recommended to the patient. But there are a few factors that may be of importance, to consider, when using CBD for different ages:

  • Children: Dosage of CBD regarding children is still not fully understood due to not enough tests and research. Parents still rely on it to calm their children down and put them to sleep, in the form of gummies, cupcakes or drinks. This could make them immune to CBD itself from a young age and worsen their sleeping patterns. [2]
  • Adults: CBD is sold as a supplement rather than medication itself. This is dangerous for its patients considering that it may cause the rise of levels of a medication that the patient is already taking. Despite being most beneficial, it may cause irritability. [3]
  • Elders: Regarding senior citizens, CBD, no matter how it’s taken, is of great benefit. It is fairly low-risk and quite helpful. It may have similar risks as that caused in adults, but otherwise, it is safe. [4]

CBD has small disadvantages here and there but is considered to be overall useful regarding multiple types of problems. It can be taken in various forms ranging from edibles to topicals but is usually more effective in vapor form. It is not as risky as other medications that it is used instead of, so it should be given a try.

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