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Paw wax is a great thing to use on active dogs and that is why Apawthecary Pets has created a specially formulated, 100% all-natural organic paw wax for those pups who don’t enjoy wearing boots on their feet!  This wax form solution concocted in Vancouver, BC, Canada prevents damaging and painful paw afflictions and provides protection in even the most extreme weather conditions.  In addition to paw protection and damage prevention, amazingly this wax does even more as it helps to heal cuts, cracks, and abrasions while keeping your pup’s paws as soft as baby clouds.

  • Non-GMO;
  • Intended for dogs;
  • Wax paw protection against the elements;
  • 2.7 oz | 80 ml of wax in a new easy to use application stick;
  • Health Considerations –  First aid, paw care, wound care;
  • Infused with hemp terpenes;
  • Includes calendula oil, which speeds healing and reduces inflammation.


Paw Protection From Nose to Tail Hemp Infused Organic Paw Wax by Apawthecary Pets

2.7 oz | 80 ml

This 100% all-natural organic hemp infused paw wax for dogs is made with love and care by the amazing animal lovers over at Apawthecary Pets in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Paw Protection from Nose to Tail Organic Paw Wax is specifically formulated to treat & prevent damaged, cracked and painful paws.

How to Apply: 

With Apawthecary Pets’ new super easy to use application stick, it is easier to apply this wonderful 100% all-natural, organic, hemp infused paw wax to your loved one’s paws than ever before.  Furthermore, right before taking your dog outside, apply a thin layer of the paw wax to your pup’s pads, or press paws directly into the wax, and make sure to also apply it in between their toes.  Always remember to give your dog’s paws a good wipe down after being outside on snow or ice.  Use as needed; individual results may vary.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil, Hemp Terpenes, Vitamin E.

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